Archie K. Davis Fellowships

To promote research and publication in North Carolina’s history and culture

About the Fellowship

The North Caroliniana Society offers, on a competitive basis, Archie K. Davis Fellowships to assist scholars in gaining access to resources contributing to knowledge of the state’s past. Beginning in 2020 the four or five awards will be in the $4,000-$5,000 range to cover travel and subsistence expenses while fellows conduct research in North Caroliniana. In evaluating proposals, the Society considers the qualifications of applicants; individual need; quantity, quality, and location of sources; length of research stay; plans for publication or other “product”; and, especially, potential of subject to advance among citizens of the state knowledge and understanding of their own history and culture.

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NEWS – This year’s winners

Archie K. Davis Fellowships – List of Prior Winners

Research in pre-twentieth century documentation is particularly encouraged, but awards also have been made for studies of more recent materials. The Society has no political or other issue-oriented agenda to promote, however, and it is not likely to support studies along those lines. It is also unlikely that the Society can support students in the earliest stages of their research, preferring instead to give greater weight to proposals for which the availability of resources has been surveyed and the researcher can identify specific bodies of materials requiring more intensive study. Although most of the documentation for North Carolina history and culture is located within the state, consideration will be given for assistance in the study of significant materials located elsewhere.

How to Apply

Open your proposal letter of no more than two single-spaced pages with a clear statement of your name, contact information including email, and the working title of your research. In order then explain:

  1. The subject of research
  2. The extent to which research has already been conducted
  3. Plans for publication or other dissemination of the results of the research
  4. The potential of the research and its resulting product to advance knowledge and understanding of North Carolina’s history and culture
  5. The identification of specific bodies of records to be researched, the repositories in which they are housed, and anticipated length of the research trip to each repository.

Attachments should include (1) the applicant’s professional vita and (2) names of, and contact information for, three references familiar with the applicant and his or her scholarship.

Applicants may submit the required documents as a PDF email attachment to Jason Tomberlin or by mail. If submitting by mail, please include Four (4) paper copies of the letter and attachments to the address below prior to the annual deadline of March 1. Announcement of awards is made on or about April 1 for the ensuing year (April through February).

The North Caroliniana Society
Attn.: Assistant Treasurer
Wilson Library, UNC Campus Box 3930
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599