Dedicated to the Promotion and Increased Knowledge and Appreciation of North Carolina’s Heritage

Substance, Not Show

Founded by H. G. Jones and chartered on 11 September 1975 by Jones, Louis M. Connor, Jr., and William S. Powell as a private nonprofit corporation under provisions of Chapter 55A of the General Statutes of North Carolina, the North Caroliniana Society is dedicated to the promotion of increased knowledge and appreciation of North Carolina’s heritage. That it accomplishes in a variety of ways:

  • encouragement of scholarly research and writing in and teaching of state and local history;
  • publication of documentary materials, including the numbered, limited-edition North Caroliniana Society Imprints and North Caroliniana Society Keepsakes;
  • sponsorship of professional and lay conferences, seminars, lectures, and exhibitions; commemoration of historic events, including sponsorship of markers and plaques;
  • assistance to the North Carolina Collection and North Carolina Collection Gallery of the University of North Carolina Library and other cultural organizations with kindred objectives.

The Society is a tax-exempt organization under provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Mission

The mission of the Society since its incorporation in 1975 has been and remains to “give assistance to the North Carolina Collection of the University of North Carolina Library and /or…any other governmental agency or organization that qualifies as an exempt organization under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code…in the acquisition, preservation, care, or display  of, and/or the promotion of interest in, historical and literary materials relating to North Carolina or North Carolinians; to promote increased knowledge and appreciation of North Carolina heritage through studies, publications, meetings, seminars, and other programs; to solicit and receive subscriptions, donations, and other funds or property from public or private sources; and to expend or use same for assisting, organizing, and carrying on the aforementioned undertakings….”