Archie K. Davis Fellowships – List of Prior Winners

Since the spring of 1988, approximately 400 scholars have been awarded Archie K. Davis Fellowships in a targeted research program sponsored by the North Caroliniana Society. On a competitive basis, the program’s funding has supported hands-on research by young scholars spending time in North Carolina’s historical and cultural collections, both public and private.

Winners announced in the spring of:


  • Antonio Austin (Howard University): Under the Cloak of Secrecy: Relationships Between the Enslaved and Free Black Populations in Antebellum, North Carolina
  • Mia Edwards (University of Warwick): Masculinity, Physicality and Disability: Shifting Experiences and Ideologies within the Antebellum South, 1800-1861
  • Ashley N. Gilbert (University of North Carolina, Greensboro): Revolutionary Crossroads: Taverns in the Southern British Mainland Colonies, 1740-1781
  • Irene Adair Newman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): First in Fight: North Carolina and The White Power Movement in the Late 20th Century
  • Casey Price (University of Tennessee-Knoxville): Given to This Land: Mapping Settler Colonialism in Kituwah, 1682-1810


  • G. Jasper Conner (College of William & Mary): Twice a Problem: Black Disability in the Jim Crow
  • Stuart H. Marshall (University of North Carolina at Greensboro): Junaluska’s Odyssey: Eastern Cherokee Sovereignty in the Civil War Era
  • Cristiana Shipma McFarland (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): “Bettering” Humanity: A History of the Human Betterment League of North Carolina
  • David Silkenat (University of Edinburgh): Heroes of the Klan War


  • Georgann Eubanks (independent researcher):  Bearing Witness: Paul Green, Playwright of the People
  • Barbara Ladd (Emory University): Writing in the North of the South: Moses Grande and Charles W. Chestnut
  • Benjamin Holtzman (Lehman College): “Smash the Klan”: Fighting the White Power Movement in the Late Twentieth Century
  • Noeleen McIlvenna (Wright State University): Dressed Pork: North Carolina and the Atlantic World Economy


  • Katherine Elizabeth Burns (University of Edinburgh): “Keep this Unwritten History”: Mapping African American Family Histories in “Information Wanted” Advertisements, 1880-1902
  • Allison Fredette, Ph.D. (Appalachian State University): Murdering Laura Foster: Violence, Gender, and Memory in Appalachian North Carolina.
  • Ryan J. Johnson (Elon University): “Part II: Horace Williams, Gadfly of Chapel Hill” of Three American Hegels
  • LaQuanda Walters Cooper (George Mason University): Black Politics in Black Space: Black Industrial Fairs in North Carolina, 1879- 1930
  • Emily West (University of Reading, UK): Food, Power, and Resistance in US slavery


  • Evan Howard Ashford (State University of New York College at Oneonta): Cast Down Your Bucket and Cast Your Ballot
  • Robert J. Bell (New York University): American Influences in Iran from 1911-1963
  • Christopher Bonner (University of Maryland): Moses Grandy’s Pursuit of Freedom
  • Michael K. Brantley (North Carolina Wesleyan College):  Otway Burns
  • Heather R. Brinn (University of Massachusetts at Amherst): Black Families in Transition in the Reconstruction South
  • Georgann Eubanks (independent researcher):  The Wild South: Lost and Found
  • Jonathan A. Gomez (Harvard University): Black Musical Transformations of the Great Migration
  • Hannah K. Hicks (Vanderbilt University): Amazons and Viragos
  • Lucas P. Kelley (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Bordering the Borderlines
  • James W. Lester, Jr. (independent researcher): NC Mapmaker C. M. Miller
  • James MacKay (University of Edinburgh): Flight and Freedom in Revolutionary America
  • Elisabeth A. Moore (West Virginia University): Tourism in Western North Carolina Post WWII
  • Christopher Arris Oakley (East Carolina University): Maritime Indians
  • Jessica M. Parr (Simmons University): Evolution of Transatlantic Black Nationalism, 1760-1860
  • Raja Rahim (University of Florida): How African Americans Made US College Basketball, 1937-1970
  • Paul Sanchez (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary): William Louis Poteat and Liberal Religion in the Baptist South
  • Virginia L. Summey (University of North Carolina at Greensboro): NC White Women and White Supremacy in 1898
  • Lizabeth Wardzinski (North Carolina State University): Tennessee Valley Authority and Postwar Development


  • Samuel T. Allen (University of Pittsburgh):  19th Century Conjoined Twins.
  • Daniel J. Burge (University of Alabama):  Manifest Destiny Opposition.
  • Madison W. Cates (University of Florida): Bulldozer Revolution in Post WWII South.
  • Laura Channing (Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge): Taxation and Transition from Slave to Non-Slave Economy.
  • Esther Cam-Ly Cyna (Columbia University):  Race, Education, Finance in 1970s South.
  • Ashley Foley Dabbraccio (University of Memphis): American Family, Home and Abroad.
  • Robert Hunt Ferguson (Western Carolina University): Post-Industrial South – Environment.
  • Jonathan Anthony Hanna (Claremont Graduate University):  Southern Federalist Persuasion.
  • Jonathan Scott Jones (Binghamton University): Opiates & Insanity in the Post-Civil War South.
  • Cynthia A. Kierner (George Mason University): Jane Spurgin and Family RW, North Carolina.
  • Crawford Alexander Mann III (independent scholar):  Franklin Richard Grist; Painter.
  • Laurie Medford (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Planter Families and Crisis.
  • Ashlie Richard (East Tennessee State University): Environmental Health, 58th Regiment, North Carolina, Civil War.
  • Bryan C. Rindfleisch (Marquette University):  Creek to Cherokee; Native American History.
  • Rodney J. Steward (University of South Carolina): Confederate Sequestration.
  • Brenda W. Stroud (University of Florida): Eugenics and Civil Rights.
  • Jason A. Tercha (Binghamton University):  Transportation Infrastructure in Pre-Civil War North Carolina.
  • Kaitlyn Wiley (West Virginia University):  Cherokee Economy in RW Era.
  • Timothy J. Williams (University of Oregon): Civil War Prisons and Intellectual History.


  • Richard Berman (Oxford Brookes University): Freemasonry in North Carolina.
  • John Brannon, Jr. (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities): Cherokee Syllabary and Printing.
  • Robert Colby (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Slave Trading in the Civil War South.
  • Sara Collini (George Mason University): Enslaved Women and Midwifery.
  • Michael Hardy (independent): Richmond M. Pearson.
  • Nathaniel Holly (College of William & Mary): NC Emancipation Politics.
  • Tina Irvine (Penn State University): Americanizing Appalachia.
  • Stephanie King (University of Kentucky): Confederate Diaspora.
  • Michael Lynch (University of Tennessee at Knoxville): Manliness on the Rev. Frontier.
  • Joshua R. Shriver (Auburn University): Interpersonal Rel. and CW Soldiers.
  • Lewis M. Stern (independent scholar): Tommy Thompson, North Carolina Musician.
  • Rodney J. Steward (USC-Salkehatchie): Southern Rights Party in North Carolina.
  • Larry E. Tise (Eastern Carolina University): Maps of Colonial North Carolina.
  • Brandon K. Winford (University of Tennessee at Knoxville): Southern Regional Council.